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Window Blinds & Shutters

Window Blinds & Shutters
Wilmington Window Treatments is a division of Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington, NC. Our Wilmington Window Treatments page will educate consumers about blinds, shutters, roller shades, solar shades, honeycomb, cellular shades, woven wood shades, draperies, top treatments and more. Our main focus is to help the consumer have somewhat of an idea of all the window treatment options in the wilmington, North Carolina area.


Window Draperies & Curtains

Window Draperies & Curtains

Blinds are the most popular window treatment in Wilmington, NC. The reasons blinds are so popular in Wilmington, is that blinds are the most affordable yet simple and attractive window treatments made. Blinds that i have seen in Wilmington are made from a variety of materials including PVC, MDF, basswood, vinyl, composite, hardwoods, and more. Blinds have many slat sizes, ranging from 1/2" slats to 2 1/2" slats. Blind slats can be beveled or tapered like plantation shutter louvers, flat or concave. there are so many options when picking out the right blinds for a home in Wilmington, not to mention tapes, routeless holes, valance options, corded or cordless, motorized, and lets not get into specialty shaped arch window blinds. to sum this up, for the most part anyone can find a blind that they can afford. Blinds are a perfect window treatment for someone that is on a budget. Blinds have many options, colors and price brackets. Blinds are a window treatment that can be used in almost any home. If you have read this and have any questions, give Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington a call. They will answer any of your window covering questions. Affordable Blinds and More gives free in-home consultations.

 Shutters Wilmington, NC


Natural, Faux, Wood or any Color

Natural, Faux, Wood or any Color

Shutters are the best investment that a homeowner in Wilmington can make when it comes to window treatments. Plantation shutters are the only window treatment that can actually make the value of a home go up. Plantation shutters made like furniture. shutters are the most durable window treatment made. If you buy plantation shutters for your Wilmington home, chances are they will last the rest of your life if taken care of. Plantation shutters may or may not be a window treatment to consider if on a tight budget. Blinds might be a better option, but on the same page shutters are a great investment. By the time you have paid for three sets of blinds in your lifetime, The same shutters that you would only have to buy once would still be in great condition. Plantation shutters are becoming very popular in Wilmington, NC. shutters have many louver sizes just as blinds do. The louver sizes can be 1 1/4", 1 7/8", 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2". Plantation shutters are made from many different materials including Poly-composite, vinyl, PVC, hardwood, basswood, MDF, and more. Some of the options that i have seen on plantation shutters in Wilmington, North Carolina is that you can get them inside mount, outside mount, tilt rod, hidden tilt, color choices, louver sizes, divider rails, hinge colors, stile sizes and more. Give Affordable Blinds in Wilmington a call. We will bring shutter sampling to your home.
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There are so many window treatments to choose from in Wilmington, NC. One of my favorite window treatments is woven wood shades. Woven wood shades are a perfect window treatment to use in the Wilmington, NC area. Woven wood shades are great at the beach. They have that natural beachy look to them. Woven wood shades come in many materials. Woven woods can be made from grasses, jutes, reeds, bamboo and some even have some more modern materials woven in such as copper and other metals. woven wood shades that i have seen in Wilmington have so many options to them. some of the options are top down bottom up, cordless, continuous loop controls, hobbled roman style and flat roman style.

There are so many different window treatments that i have seen in Wilmington, NC. The list goes on and on. I wish i could write something about all the window treatments ever made on this page. I have many websites that does say something about any kind of window treatments that you can dream of. My main website is, I also have a Window treatments Facebook page. Look for it. My window treatments Facebook page has lots of information about window treatments in Wilmington, NC. I also have plenty of photo's that i have taken of window treatments in Wilmington, NC on my Facebook page. the web address to my window treatments Facebook  page is

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